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Showcasing Zach Dean: Realm Traveler

by Christina LoBianco Release Date: 6 September 2022 Synopsis: Meet Zach Dean, an on-the-run Elidhran who has successfully dodged the grasp of Lex Darko, a traveler from his world, for many years. While giving Lex the slip, Zach falls headlong into Yenna’s spell—literally—and he soon realizes there is more to her than meets the eye.Continue reading “Showcasing Zach Dean: Realm Traveler”

Showcasing The Mud Man

by Donna Marie West Release Date: 19 April 2022 Synopsis When anthropologist Veronica Booth is called to consult on a dig in northern British Columbia, she expects to discover the usual remnants of early indigenous life. She never imagined finding a man preserved a metre deep in a thawing bog. More shocking still—he’s alive, albeitContinue reading “Showcasing The Mud Man”

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