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The Memory Bell

The Memory Bell by Kat Flannery September 1-30, 2021 Tour Synopsis: Grace Penner’s safe haven crumbles when a body is found outside of town. Gifted the memory bell, a family heirloom, from her grandfather’s will, Grace’s excitement is soon squashed when the bell gets broken right after she receives it. While gluing the pieces backContinue reading “The Memory Bell”

A Plague Among Us

A Plague Among Us A Chautauqua Murder Mystery by Deb Pines September 1-30, 2021 Tour Synopsis: When Al Martin, the editor of a satiric newspaper in Chautauqua, N.Y., reportedly dies of COVID-19, the local consensus is: good riddance. A sister suspects foul play. She wonders why Al was cremated in a hurry. The police stayContinue reading “A Plague Among Us”

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